Saint Ram Bone a.k.a. Kurt Brown ;

"The perfect weapon--the perfect weapon would be able to utilize various energy forms in a controlled state at infinite points to move people and machines or simply large areas in and out of the battle at the moment needed for maximum utility.  Similar to an engine firing pistons, the machine would always be working even when in idle, so as not to lose kinetic energy, but instead, to gain motion from each thrust. A more peaceful solution would be to use it as transport, but humans on Earth are not being directed by that kind of intelligence, at least not in the USA.

I am very enamored by a piece of art that brought out a 3-D image by utilizing sound waves and radio frequency waves in an ether matrix with a 2-D image being used as the model for the 3-D image.  Here is the artwork.

It was that piece of art and the construction of some sort of military apparatus or other concealed intent apparatus not far from my home.  A huge radio wave horn, clusters of small Seti type astronomy horns, was placed in Mobile Alabama next to an air raid siren. There is a reason for them other than telling us the Luftwaffe is coming and that a Hurricane is in the hood. The horns were moved within days after my talking about them on the web.   I believe the horns are used to combine radio waves and sound waves, either from the air raid siren that was across the street or from a train whistle nearby, with possible other wave manipulations via satellite and the pitch is one that we can not hear, possibly radio wave or extremely high or low frequency sound with directive forced placed upon the waves by ionizing air in a beam utilizing a laser.  At night a train blows a horn, loudly in a field across from the horns at a 45-degree angle.  I have noticed that dogs fight sometimes extremely violently when the train horns are blowing.   Also, unusual are satellite dishes that point into the back of the Mobile county courthouse, one to the south, and one to the west.  Also, in the court of judge McMaken who I feel is possibly an insurgent or war criminal of sort, he has a odd shaped cranium, like a craut experiment, and the layout of the lights above in the court has a metallic grid, shaped like the crossing bars in a waffle iron. The last time I was in his court, that night I passed a blood clot from my head into my windpipe. That had never happened before. I remember either a dream or a flashback or maybe a time bubble or the jolting of the entire room into a semi-state of consciousness, or perhaps it was a flashback from my being abused at the Los Angeles Veterans Administration hospital in Westwood. Someone was running a needle into an area of my mouth in which a surgeon recently said looked like an incision scar. I thought the needle was going up past the cheek bones and into the brain. I screamed in agony and then I blanked out, and after reconsidering, it was if it had happened in the courtroom of McMaken, and afterward, the time bubble which looks like a protrusion in space with a closed gap for ordiniary viewers, I was released out of it and stood disoriented and feeling sick to my stomach for a brief second speaking with the corrupt tyrant McMaken. Could the autrocratic aristocracy of Mobile Alabama and other cities be manipulating juries with mind control? There is definitely no justice there. We need an affront of technological insurgents to demand full entry to test to see if our enemies have gained control of the nation. If they do not allow us in with the test equipment, or free reign to test the outside, and because they are blocking auditors to have free access, we should hope their buildings within that network are decimated with as few casualties as possible. Our enemies are among You.."

More would be too much, but here.... eat your hart out:

(The article is somwhere between the vast amounts of thext there)

After I finalized the 3 dimensionalizer project, documented it and uploaded the result to my website one of the most unlikely figures reported about Materializer Industries. Saint Ram Bone a.k.a. Kurt Brown, goverment crit/watchdog, überphantast from Mobile, Alabama-USA. The piece only mentions MInd shortly but it is of humoristic value.